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DragonFly BSD 2.4

2.4.0 is a bigger release than normal. The single most invasive change is the introduction of DEVFS. The /dev filesystem is now mounted by the kernel after it mounts the root filesystem. All major and minor numbers have changed and the old /dev is no longer meaningful. People who use jails or chroots will need to adjust their scripts to either mount_null /dev into their jails and chroots or to make independent DEVFS mounts via mount_devfs into their jails and chroots.

Within DEVFS the entire tty/pty scheme has changed. Users upgrading from 2.2 need to be absolutely sure to upgrade their world and kernel at the same time or fireworks may ensue.

With this release the libc major number has also been bumped from 6 to 7. Applications should remain fairly compatible across the upgrade but we recommend that all applications be recompiled and/or fresh binary packages be loaded from pkgsrc.

With this release our new native AHCI driver is now standard. If your system is AHCI-capable and AHCI-enabled the new driver will take over from NATA and drives may wind up being renamed due to this. For example, ad6 might become da0. Any legacy ATA ports will continue to be probed by the NATA driver but their drives may be named differently. USB mass storage devices will also be numbered starting at 8, for example da8, to avoid conflicting with lower-numbered da* devices.

Download: dfly-gui-2.4.0_REL.iso.gz (722MB), dfly-2.4.0_REL.img.gz (217MB), dfly-amd64-2.4.0_REL.iso.gz (219MB).


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FreeBSD 8.0, BETA 3

The third of the BETA builds for the FreeBSD-8.0 release cycle is now
available. All major work related to new features in 8.0 has been
completed and we are shifting into “bugfix only” mode for the balance of
the release cycle. Debugging features (e.g. WITNESS) are still enabled
but will be removed from stable/8 between now and RC1 so performance is
still impacted a bit by that.

Download: 8.0-BETA3-i386-dvd1.iso.gz (1,773MB), 8.0-BETA3-amd64-dvd1.iso.gz (1,837MB).

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Frugalware Linux 1.1 RC2

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 1.1rc2, the second candidate of the upcoming 1.1 stable release.
A short and incomplete list of changes since 1.1rc1:

  • Improvements:
    • Updated the artwork.
    • Packaged android-sdk, for those who want network access from Frugalware through their Android phones.
  • Package updates:
    • PHP 5.3
    • Octave 3.2
    • More than 250 package updates
    • More than 40 new packages

downloadfrugalware-1.1rc2-i686-dvd1.iso (4,281MB)

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SimplyMEPIS 8.0.10

MEPIS LLC has released SimplyMEPIS 8.0.10.
SimplyMEPIS 8.0 utilizes a Debian Lenny stable foundation enhanced with a Long Term Support kernel, key package upgrades, and the MEPIS Assistant applications to create an up-to-date, ready to use desktop computer system.

The updated components on the SimplyMEPIS ISOs include recent updates from the Debian Lenny pool and also the security patched Linux kernel, rt2860 driver, Firefox 3.5.2, Google Gadgets 0.11.0, Alsa 1.0.20, Bind 9.6.1P1, and Knetworkmanager 0.7. In addition some minor tweaks have been applied to the MEPIS Installer and the MEPIS utilities

Recently the MEPIS package pool has received new updates for Thunderbird, Mono, Strongswan 4.3.2, kvm 85, and nvidia driver 185.18.14.

Download: SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.0.10-rel_32.iso (694MB), SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.0.10-rel_64.iso (658MB).

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PC/OS 2009.3

This release fixes many of the hardware issues that users had with PC/OS 2009v2 series. With this release we went ahead and and installed all updates so all security updates since PC/OS Maintenance Pack 3 have been applied. The changes to PC/OS 2009.3 application wise are common across all releases except XFCE 4.6 was not included in WebStation due to some issues that are being explored right now on some models of netbooks. 3.1

Pidgin 2.5.8

Firefox 3.0.12

Mozilla Thunderbird

many more application updates have been applied.

Download: pc-os-ow20093.iso (1,613MB).

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